trolling in the shipping channel west of the sunshine skyway

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Which is most of the year in Florida, this type of fishing is best enjoyed with a cold drink! While waiting for a bite guests can relax in our fighting chairs as the boat moves along at a slow steady pace, this works for choppy seas and can help sea sick guests. Upon getting a bite the boat will stop and you grab the rod to reel in the catch. Warning! Usually the bite is a type of mackerel, they are very soft fish, do not set the hook as it will likely rip out of the fish.

What Do we Catch?

Depending on the season, our target catch will change. During spring and fall, while the waters warm and cool, we fish for Migratory Species. Summer has a number of very calm days that open up our traveling distance, this allows us to target Tuna species and resident Spanish Mackerel.

Two King Mackerels also known as Kingfish
Two King Mackerels also known as Kingfish

What are Migratory species?

When we talk about the water warming we are indicating when the fish that migrate with the warm water will be moving through our little portion of the gulf. In the Spring King Mackerel, Tunas and Spanish Mackerel migrate south to north in search of food and staying in warm temperatures. In the fall the same fish move south to escape the dropping temperatures from the cold weather while following the bait schools.

Guest holding a false albacore
False Albacore Tuna
About Your Captain
Captain Mark Lyons holding a shark

Mark Lyons

Easy going, laid back and full of stories. Fishing all his life, nation wide and internationally. 14 years as a Professional USCG Captain, 12 years fishing Tampa Bay

Captain mark lyons holding a barracuda

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