Take a Scenic tour

View sunsets, historic locations, Dolphins, private islands, Sea Turtles and more on your charter.

trolling past Egmont Key on fishing charter

Even when we are trolling and fishing we can see sights like Egmont Key

western osprey with fish

We are often competing with birds, like this Osprey, for the fish

sunshine skyway over tampa bay florida

The true size of the Skyway bridge can only be grasped from being at the bottom

rain clouds over the water

Seeing a storm front from the water is quite the sight, let's just hope we are heading back to the dock as well

shallow water boat wreck

This old wooden boat wreck provides a great place for inshore Grouper, and a great place to lose your lure

cargo tanker ship in the tampa bay shipping channel

Fishing in the bay gives opportunities to see large ships passing through

sunset over O'Neill's Marina in Saint Petersburg, Florida

Catch a sunset after your evening charter

osprey drying out

This Osprey was having trouble and swam over to us to dry off

mangrove flats

mangroves and grass flats provide good habitats for shallow water fish

scene of boats moored along a sand bar island in bunces pass

Beach Parties are a thing! Be part of the fun.

dolphin just under the wake of the boat

Can you see the dolphin? He sees us.

a sunken building falling into the gulf on egmont key

Sunken buildings can be seen around Egmont Key formerly a military fort

dolphin just under the wake of the boat

Manatees are loved sea creatures of Tampa Bay

manta ray swimming on the surface of the water

Seeing a Manta Ray like this is quite a treat!