Safety First!

view of guests fishing from inside the 196 aquasport

For Your Safety!

Please understand there are dangers involved with the sport of fishing and even with riding in a boat. We know you're not childern, therefore we do not treat you as so. Our goal is for you to get up close and personable with sealife, to make you apart of the adventure. Which is great but it does require following instructions. Every situation is different so it's impossible to list all tips but the most common issue is 'fish do bite'. Just because they are out of the water does not mean they are paralyzed and even though you may have a firm grip on them, they tend to have uexpected strength. Some tips for this particular situation:

- Do not put your hands in or near any fish species mouth
- Don't hold the fish to your face (fish kisses are not nice)
- Never hold a shark by it's tail

Some fish also have sharp fins, gill plates and barbs. We will do our best to show you where they are and how to have proper handling, although we do not require you hold the fish. Think of us as 'fishing concierge', we are there to bait your line, tie your lures, unhook the fish and even hold it in front of you for a picture.

For Our Safety

We go through many checklists to make sure the vessel is ready for passengers. The U.S. Coast Guard provides general safety requirements for charter boats. We also prohibit bringing any illegal guns, weapons or drugs on board the vessel.

Special Conditions, Serious Considerations

If you are pregnant, recovering from surgery or injury, have any medical conditions, ETC, please know your limitations and understand medical care is not readliy available on any trip. captain mark lyons holding a sleeping daughter

Captain Mark and Captain Ryleigh
About Your Captain
Captain Mark Lyons holding a shark

Mark Lyons

Easy going, laid back and full of stories. Fishing all his life, nation wide and internationally. 14 years as a Professional USCG Captain, 12 years fishing Tampa Bay

Captain mark lyons holding a barracuda

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