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Conserve for the Future

The blue waters and beautiful fish that live in them are truly a gift. We as fisherman and as a charter business feel it's our responsibility to bring awareness to over fishing. We have seen the populations of fish species jump up and down enough over our years of fishing in Tampa Bay to want to get involved. We've developed a new goal to help promote fish stock conservation and teach others the importance of sea life. We've already seen just how far a little conservation goes.

Eliminate wasteful keeping

Being a charter business, we are in the business of catching fish, we want our guests to catch fish. There is an idea when fish are killed ONLY for a picture at the end of a fishing trip. A particular issue that always bothers us is when we hear about fish fillets that went bad before being eaten or freezer burnt fillets that were thrown out. Wasteful keeping can be avoided, as captains who help guests catch their first fish we also give a run down on how to keep them. One of our family policies is to never freeze fish. Fish do not keep long frozen, and most fish do not taste well after being frozen. We know this is hard for our clients that do not live near saltwater or even have access to purchase saltwater fish but we promise one quality meal is much more valuable than several frozen ones. To help motivate this idea we began offering a "Catch and Release Trip", where we offer a Visa giftcard for a 'Fish Dinner' to eliminate the stress of keeping fish from the guests and from the fish.

captain mark lyons holding a mangrove snapper aka mango
Captain Mark with a Mangrove Snapper

We want educators to be Apart of our Team

Looking for a supportive opportunity to research certain fish species? We are currently searching for scientist and researchers who would not mind teaching our guests how fish are tagged, tracked and analyzed. Not only does this gain extra resources for you to collect samples but it also helps promote the idea of conservation while clients get an up close lesson on how research is collected. If you think you might be interested don't hesitate to call us!

Support Conservation Efforts

We certainly aren't the first to come up with this idea, there are a number of groups who already do a great job of bringing awareness to issues surrounding sea life. One that we highly respect, partially because it's illegal not to, is Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation. They set the standard for everything conservation related. Their vast amount of scientist and funds keep a close eye on fish stocks and hazards to sea life health. Coastal Conservation Association is another group of anglers who promote conservation with the proper mix of fishing and conservation awareness.

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About Your Captain
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Mark Lyons

Easy going, laid back and full of stories. Fishing all his life, nation wide and internationally. 14 years as a Professional USCG Captain, 12 years fishing Tampa Bay

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