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Answers Start With Questions

We know for most of you this may be your first fishing charter and having questions is completely expected so we compiled some common questions to help you get answers immediately.

Does your charter boat have a bathroom?
Our 31ft offshore boat does have a full bathroom. Our 20ft inshore boat however does not have a bathroom
Do you allow kids on your fishing charters?
Of course we allow children, we are family friendly and we really support quality time together while getting outside and enjoying the outdoors
Is alcohol allowed?
Yes, alcohol is allowed on both vessels for any trip.
Is fishing cleaning included?
Fishing cleaning is included in the total cost for your trip as well as the time for your trip.
Is all the equipment included for the fishing charter?
Yes, all equipment is included for your type of charter.
What is the parking situation?
We will at all times have at least one parking spot available for you, which is included with the cost of the trip. There are limited parking spots at the Marina and during holidays or popular weekends it fills quickly. If your group has multiple vehicles and no spots happen to be open there is a city park nextdoor to the marina with plenty of parking free of charge.
How many people can go on a charter?
The 31ft boat is limited to six guests, this a USCG charter boat limit. A charter boat carrying more than six individual passengers needs to be 'Small Passenger Vessel'. If you have more than six, we can arrange more charter boats to accompany. Our 20ft inshore boat can handle five guests.
What is the total fishing charter price?
When we quote the total for your trip it will include all charges and fees start to finish, there are never extra charges or additional fees that are not included in this total. You can find our standard fishing charter prices HERE
What kind of fish will we catch?
The type of fish we catch will differ during the year and type of trip, not all inshore/offshore fish are available year round and not all year round fish are available on both types of trips. If you want to target a specific fish this is best discussed prior to your reservation.

Have More Questions?

Do not hesitate to ask us! Call us or Send a text message or Send an Email. We understand that not everyone is familiar with fishing or boats so if there is a term used that you're not positive the meaning, just let us know.

Our 31ft offshore boat "Double Expresso"
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